Friday, 11 April 2014

Off my lazy, depressive butt

And work on some renders again.

This time I finally managed to finish the X-mas 2013 gift for BlackHowler:

The idea behind this: everytime when ppl look at him, ppl will think of him as a big, bad wuff. And I dunno why, but I always want to poke around that kind of character, make fun of them, doing something totally off their outlook.
BlackHowler once told me that he likes the beefy Rhino that I rendered awhile ago so that explains the appearance of Rhino-boy.

So imagine one day, before X-mas, puppy is sleepin' near his cozy fireplace, then rhino sneaks up over and put some antlers on his head just to make him look silly :3

Also I've been doing more experiments on Reality / LuxRender. They sure take a lot of time to be rendered but the quality isn't all that bad. I just love the IBL usage of Lux, makes everything so much easier.

But still, I can't draw cum for shit :\


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