TES V: Skyrim - The Bard's Station

Upon searching over Youtube and such, I've no luck at finding good quality of bard's songs so I decided to mix them myself. Music is ripped from in-game files, providing better quality than recording in-game with all those ambient noises and mixed so the pauses between lines are long gone.

These are just simple mixes to eliminate the annoying pauses which caused by empty "instrument" files in the game. I'm not a good music mixer nor a good video editor, plus I'm using a laptop so excuse for the poor quality of the videos. Feel free to dislike and/or leave comments so that I can improve better next time.

Oh and about the "click" noise near the end of The Age of Oppression/Aggression songs, sadly it is from the original file itself.

To-do list:
- The Dragonborn Comes videos (all versions).
- Tale of the Tongues videos (all versions)**
- Duet videos.

**I've finished mixing all the songs and 1 duet but in order to get the bards to play TotT (for lip-syncing) I have to complete the main quest so I'll see if I can get any command to set the state of the game or I will just rush and complete the game to get that option (level 56, barely touched main quest, never ever been to Markarth u_U)


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