Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Quick update

Finally, I've somewhat finished this render...

Now I'm off to sleep.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Just another small update

I'm being a nocturnal thing again.. for the hundredth time or something. But this time I have a reason: my sis and her kid wake up in the morning and go to bed in the evening, and I'm sure that neither of them want to see dicks flinging back and forth on my screen, so yeah...

Aside from that, I've finished with the test render, around 2k samples but still several red and grey noises, prolly need more work if I ever fancy physics-based lighting again:

I'm also working on 2 other Poser renders, one is almost done, just need "some" major postworks... The other is pretty much an idea based on the upcoming holiday, though I've gotten a sample pose done for reference. Here's hoping I can nail it within a week.

Other than that, I can't stop listening to this song, been a fan of R√∂yksopp for over 2 years now:

Saturday, 21 December 2013

6 months...

Took me a long while to get my lazy bum off the depression and started doing stuff again. So I started out with this:

Also I've been learning how to port DAZ content over Poser, pretty fun stuff. I've learnt a lot and now I'm learning how to cook LuxRender :> This might allow me to make better stuff in the future... I hope.