Wednesday, 23 April 2014


How do they work??? @o@

Maybe it's just me but I always wonder why not many people make/conform clothes for these smexy monstrous dudes. Sure that nude is good, but imo clothes sometimes can make them look even more better (it's not all about sex).

Could be me being new, but making conformable clothes for those models are hella tedious and time-consuming. Perhaps I'll use other 3D modelling programs to help me with this task in the future, instead of fiddling with Poser's magnets and morph tool :S

I've been looking at my old stuff and realised that I have promised so many things but never been able to deliver it. So, here it is, finally finished a scrap that I made awhile ago.

Here's the scrap, back in... 2012

I made a poll and people voted for them doing some frotting together. Here's the result:

Tell me what you think.


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