Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I hate ants!!

Normally I'd try to save or at least let any kind of buggers walk out, even ants. I'd just shake and put that stuff down onto the ground and watch them walk away. But this time, they asked for WAR!!

Seriously, little fuckers asked for it! I was sitting and surfing the web when I realised that there were ants on the table. I never saw any till now so I went and checked for any suspicious place, only to found out that there were a bunch of them surrounding my HDD. I opened the housing part, and saw that they were coming in and out of the small air vent from the internal drive!! Damn! I have no idea why. I don't eat messy around the HDD, no food trace either so I can only come up with the theory of the HDD's chemical scent or eletricity or the temperature. Either way, I sprayed Raid on the floor and put the drive down, hopefully that'd kill them.

Ugh.. I really need to back up things fast, just in case the internal drive dies. Ohh my 1TB drive :((


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